Erotica Exotica

Caution. This page shows explicit images and contains erotic poetry.

This is my first published collection of poems and artwork. The erotic content is contained here. The remaining poems and images are presented on the Poetry page.

May I also say that to me, there is no greater natural beauty than the body of a woman.


night thoughts



This page is dedicated to my great muse – womanity – in all her facets. I cannot comprehend how, in this supposed age of enlightenment, women and girls continue to be abused, raped and deprecated instead of being respected, revered and treated with great love, affection, and gentility – as they should be. Don’t we each have a mother?



you are the light in my life

the warm glow of my morning

the radiant sunset of my evening

the hope on my horizon

the strength in my daily toil

the fire in my belly

the peace in my soul



is life just

a sexual adventure

and man


a sexual adventurer?

is a woman just

territory to be explored, exploited,

raped and pillaged?

It cannot be so.

must not be so.





these days, the only time

I get my hand inside

my wife’s knickers

is when it’s my turn

to do the laundry.





In my experience,

creativity is less likely to be the result

of immaculate conception

but rather,

develops after much foreplay,

frequent intercourse

and an extended period of gestation.




as I gaze upon your beauty

please leave me with one hope;

if I cannot be your lover

please let me be your soap.




she’s naked

they said,

she’s nude

she’s bare

she’s rude.

she’s not

I dared to say,

she’s beautiful.





the language of love

is spoken in tongues.






I believe you have the right

to absolute equality

irrespective of the design

of your undercarriage.







her body depilated, exfoliated

and perfumed

food and wine on the table


dimmed mood lights

the moody sexaphone playing

seductively in the background;

part of her secretly hoped

coition might come to fruition.

(thus he held her happiness in his hands;

she hoped that later, she might hold his

– hand that is).










A lover’s promise

I assure you

there’ll be no

abuse of it

I only want

the use of it

and perhaps,

a little of

the juice of it.





in love, sex and marriage

your lover should be your accomplice,

your partner in crime

– not an accessory

after the fact





war is not unlike sexual intercourse;

withdrawal is often very messy

(certainly more than interdiction).





in love,

it’s not the size

that matters –

but the sighs.







‘it’s inappropriate’, she said

‘touching me there’, she said

‘so soon’, she said

‘do you love me?’ she said

‘of course’, he said

‘it’s a sin’, she said

‘is it in?’ he said

‘it’s in’, she said

‘it’s wet’, he said

‘push it in’, she said

‘I have’, he said

‘all the way?’ she said

‘there’s more’, he said

‘I hope so’, she said

‘it’s done’, he said

‘pity’, she said.